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We use the latest most accurate dynomometers and testing software from Intercomp.


Aside from tracking performance changes, an Intercomp Shock Dyno provides the race engineer, shock specialist or crew chief the data to make specific shock changes to better control the handling characteristics of a vehicle. Likewise, it gives sportsman racers the ability to report specific numbers to a chassis builder, or other specialist, increasing the chance of obtaining helpful input.


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Our software provides continuous control over dyno speed and measurement. The Live Data mode allows users to see a Force vs. Absolute Velocity graph created as the shock is extended and compressed. This provides a ‘snapshot’ of shock performance to ensure proper assembly after a rebuild.


Drivers Win with Elite Racing Shocks

Whether you're a weekend warrior or part of a championship racing team, you need to stay on top of the game.  Shocks have rapidly become the new speed secret across the country especially in dirt racing.  Elite Racing Shocks provides sales, expert shock repair, and top-of-the-line dyno services to racers throughout Texas, Southern Oklahoma, and Western Louisiana. We service all major brands of shocks and offer suspension related setup services and consultation.


About Elite

Elite Racing Shocks began in East Texas in the fall of 2021.  It started with a couple of guys that love to race and love to win.  They recognized the need to bring the latest in technology and knowledge to people that may never otherwise have access to it.  What was once a weekly maintenance list turned into a business.  With the vision of increasing the level of competition for every class, Elite Racing Shocks was born.

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